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Tools for Growth

Beyond EMDR Basics

FREE VIDEO: EMDR Teletherapy, Trauma and Hope - Deany Laliotis shares examples from clinical practice to illustrate the challenges of working with trauma through teletherapy during a pandemic.…
You’re Not Alone - The EMDR Therapist’s Role in the Healing Journey How is EMDR therapy different from any other type of psychotherapy? It…
Relational EMDR Builds Bridges - Learn the difference between standard EMDR and EMDR psychotherapy for complex trauma treatment. EMDR psychotherapy is an integrative approach that…
It’s Not in the Manual - Manuals are just that—manuals. They’re filled with rules, steps and protocols to follow and they are perfect for people who…
Upping Your Game - Why Your Choice of a Mentor Matters During your career arc, you are always in the process of becoming more…
Deany Laliotis Psychotherapy Networker magazine Trauma and Teletherapy - In this article for Psychotherapy Networker magazine, Deany Laliotis uses examples from clinical practice to bring alive the challenges posed—for…
VIDEO: The Evolution of EMDR - EMDR Therapy Puts Trauma Firmly in the Past. In its fullness as a comprehensive psychotherapy, EMDR has the potential to make…
Video: EMDR is the Map - Navigating the Territory: People with complex trauma form intricate memory networks that resemble the branches of a tree more than…

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