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EMDR Basic Training • Online • Early Winter 2022

January 7, 2022 - January 9, 2022

Deany Laliotis with EMDR Trainees

EMDR Basic Training

Transformational Healing
for the Whole Person

Early Winter Online Session begins January 7.
Late Winter Online Session begins February 25. Details below.

EMDR Basic Training

Transformational Healing for the Whole Person

Early Winter Online—PART I: January 7-9 • PART II: February 4-6 • PART III: March 4-5
Late Winter Online—PART I: February 25-27 • PART II: March 25-27 • PART III: April 22-23

Looking for a way to work more effectively with all your clients? Want to help them experience permanent healing? Ready to move on from talking with clients to actually transforming their lives?

Then Our EMDR Basic Trainings Are for You

This is a practice-changing approach to transformational healing with EMDR Therapy. It’s your chance to master the theory and practice of EMDR with Deany Laliotis LICSW, one of the field’s most dynamic and highly regarded EMDR trainers.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn how to do:

  • basic EMDR therapy procedures, protocols and techniques
  • a full range of applications from EMDR treatment for acute trauma and PTSD to longer-term EMDR therapy for challenging clinical cases like complex trauma and dissociative disorders
  • how to use EMDR therapy to treat problems of daily life such as low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, loneliness, anxiety, depression and addictions
  • the practice of EMDR teletherapy—an essential skill for your successful practice

This three-part, 44-hour training is approved by EMDRIA. It combines teaching and clinical video case studies as well as clinical practice sessions that give you first-hand experience of EMDR memory processing both as a clinician and from a client’s point of view.

Basic Training is the first step in a new way of treating all kinds of trauma.

Early Winter Basic

PART I January 7-9 • PART II February 4-6
PART III March 4-5

Late Winter Basic

PART I February 25-27 • PART II March 25-27
PART III April 22-23