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EMDR Europe Conference 2019 • The Dance of Attachment • Krakow Poland

June 29, 2019

EMDR Europe Conference 2019 • The Dance of Attachment: The Therapist’s Use of Self and Self-Care Strategies in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma • Krakow Poland

Mastering theory and technique is only part of being a good EMDR therapist.  When working with complex developmental trauma, the self of the therapist and our relationship with the client is more central to the process.  Bringing our best selves to this work requires an ability to track our own experience as well as our clients’ in order to effectively navigate the moment to moment demands both in and out of processing.  Being in relationship with our clients as part of the work requires a higher level of self-care in order to maintain best practices and prevent burnout.  This workshop will explore the attachment style of the therapist, how that informs our responses to our clients, and discuss strategies to help us optimize our capacity to be fully present, transforming ourselves as well as our clients, both in and out of sessions.

Participants will be able to:

-Identify at least two areas of strengths as well as vulnerabilities with different attachment styles and emotional states in one’s role as the therapist.

-Track the moment to moment experience using the somatic resonance between the therapist and client to monitor one’s own responses and deepen attunement skills.

-Identify at least two ways therapists can prevent burnout both in and out of sessions.


June 29, 2019
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