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Advanced Training: Relational EMDR Therapy • Online

July 23 - July 25

Relational EMDR Therapy
Taking the Journey to the Next Level

Advanced EMDR Training Online • July 25-July 27, 2021

As an EMDR therapist who treats complex developmental trauma, you understand the power of the therapeutic relationship. And when your clients are suffering from attachment wounds, that relationship is key to transformational healing. There are a number of challenges to doing this successfully and little formal training to help—until now…

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Join us for this 3-day Advance EMDR Training and learn to use your
therapeutic self to maximum advantage in challenging clinical situations.

This training combines lecture, small group discussion, facilitated practice, clinical video and live demonstration in order to help you bring your full skill and experience to facilitating your challenging clinical situations moment to moment. You’ll learn how to bring your best self to the work, create safety and make healing a shared experience. Finally, you’ll discover new ways to help your clients explore this uncharted emotional territory on their journey to healing and transformation. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn how to do:

  • Identify and develop therapist attunement skills by tracking the moment to moment somatic experience, using the resonance between the therapist and client
  • Understand therapeutic impasse through the AIP Model and how to use the relationship between the therapist and client to facilitate movement in the work
  • Recognize the difference between core affective responses versus defensive affective responses both in ourselves as well as in our clients
  • Identify and work with specific psychological defenses such as avoidance, idealization, and shame in and out of processing
  • Apply clinical interweave strategies (CIC) effectively to facilitate reprocessing effects and generate adaptive actions in the future
  • Apply specific clinical interweave strategies (CIC) effectively to address fear and blocking beliefs
  • Identify memories for processing that inform the relational patterns that are problematic for the client in the context of their current relationships

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Deany Laliotis with EMDR Trainees

Relational EMDR Therapy: The Journey to the Next Level
Online • July 25-July 27, 2021

Did You Know that Attachment Issues Are
at the Heart of Many Clients’ Ongoing Life Challenges?

And when clients bring those issues into your office, you can find yourself in the middle of clinical situations that test the limits of your training and experience.

  • You may recognize your client’s attachment wounds and the patterns related to them. Nevertheless, there’s a day when you get triggered. How do you get back on track? How do repair a rupture with your client?
  • You practice the protocols faithfully, but what’s your next step when negative patterns persist?
  • Issues shift—foreground to background and back. How do you adjust clinical priorities moving forward?
  • You understand that working with attachment trauma requires great and subtle skill. When it comes to moving from reprocessing to facilitating the re-building of self, how confident are you?

If even one of these challenges or questions sounds familiar, then this Advanced EMDR Training is for you.

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A Note from Deany Laliotis, Master Trainer and EMDR Evangelist
Clinical challenges have inspired me for the last 40 years. To meet them, I’ve been committed to expanding the practice of EMDR as a comprehensive psychotherapy. I’ve worked with  the field’s leading clinicians and innovators in EMDR, trauma treatment and somatic healing  I’ve refined the application of EMDR to enhance its effectiveness in repairing attachment injuries, resolving negative life patterns and meeting the other challenges that come with complex trauma. As a trainer and consultant, I’ve traveled throughout the US and around the world to help therapists everywhere gain the understanding, skill and confidence they need to bring the transformative healing power of EMDR Psychotherapy to their clients.

EMDR Therapy Master Trainer, Deany Laliotis
Deany Laliotis with EMDR Trainees

Relational EMDR Therapy: The Journey to the Next Level
Online • July 25-July 27, 2021

Take It from Your Peers. Here’s What They Say about Training with Deany 

“The best training I’ve attended in my 14 years with EMDR! I had huge insights into my clinical work as well as my own self.”

“An EXCELLENT presentation and seminar! Ms. Laliotis is clearly an expert – I greatly appreciated the detail and her skill at teaching.”

“Deany’s passion for her work and clients (and EMDR) is palpable. I have never attended a seminar in which the presenter was so greatly skilled and also so patient and open-minded – no question was too simple.”


Sign up now and we’ll let you know when registration
for Relational EMDR Therapy begins.


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