EMDR is the Map

Here are my tips on navigating the territory

The tricky part of working with any therapy method, including EMDR, is that the client’s challenges rarely fit into a neat linear process. People with complex trauma form intricate memory networks that resemble the branches of a tree more than they do a timeline. So as you work with clients EMDR gives you a map, but it’s not the territory. You will be navigating different routes at different times depending on your client. This video introduces the idea of Relational EMDR and includes some of my best practices for using EMDR Therapy to create the conditions for real change and better outcomes with our clients.

Tell Us about a “Shared Moment” and How It Changed You and a Client

Please take a minute to let me and your colleagues know about a recent example in your own clinical work. Ask your questions. Tell your story. We all benefit when we share our examples of showing up. Tell your story. We all benefit when we share our thoughts and comments.


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"The best training I’ve attended in my 14 years with EMDR! I had huge insights into my clinical work as well as my own self."