“Trauma and Teletherapy” by Deany Laliotis

Just Published in Psychotherapy Networker!

When Psychotherapy Networker Editor, Rich Simon PhD, wanted to focus an issue of the legendary magazine on teletherapy, he asked Deany Laliotis to write the feature article. It’s called “Trauma and Teletherapy.” Deany shares examples from clinical practice to illustrate the challenges of working with trauma through teletherapy during a pandemic. She also identifies practical solutions and unique opportunities for growth and healing throughout the process. Examples that she presents go on to illustrate the importance of a therapist’s attunement and flexibility as well as the healing power of an inventive spirit.

You can read the full article now or download a pdf copy to add to your permanent library.
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What’s Your Experience with Trauma and Teletherapy?

Please take a minute to let me and your colleagues know about your work with trauma and teletherapy. Ask your questions. Tell your story. We all benefit when we share from the heart.

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  1. I think this is very helpful in the face of the pandemic.

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