There are good therapists
and there are healers.
The world needs us to be both.

Deany Laliotis, Founder and Director

There are good therapists
and there are healers.
The world needs us to be both.

Deany Laliotis, Founder and Director

The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy

EMDR Training Can Revolutionize Your Practice

EMDR Training opens the door to a new level of clinical effectiveness in your work. As an EMDR therapist, you’ll be able to help clients find lasting relief from their symptoms and live more fully than ever before. You’ll be able to address the symptoms related to PTSD and other traumas more quickly than with many other approaches—sometimes in only a few sessions. In addition, EMDR training prepares you to help your clients resolve persistent problems of daily life that are rooted in complex trauma.

Transforming Clients’ Lives Also Transforms Your Practice

Many highly successful therapists consider EMDR therapy the most valuable therapeutic approach they have learned. Why? First of all, it is empirically proven to reduce the distressing symptoms related to PTSD and other traumatic events. Secondly, with EMDR, the client experiences more than just relief from symptoms. Reprocessing traumatic memories can lead to lasting change for clients who struggle with a broad variety of life difficulties. Thirdly, this therapy approach is readily integrated into your practice. That’s because it complements and strengthens the effectiveness of other methods you already use.

EMDR therapy enhances your clients’ lives. They then share their deep satisfaction with family, friends, and colleagues. Those personal testimonials and referrals from grateful clients fuel the growth of your practice. Our training and your commitment to learning and using EMDR, will transform your practice and your clients’ lives.

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What Makes The Center Unique?

Every client is an individual with a distinct history.  That’s why we focus on the whole person and not just their symptoms.  EMDR therapy methods coupled with your therapeutic judgment and your capacity for attunement is a powerful healing combination. Our mission is to help you prosper through the successful integration of EMDR therapy in your clinical work. So, that’s why we offer a complete continuum of training to support you as you seek to master EMDR therapy approach. Start with our online basic and intermediate trainings. Then take our advanced trainings including our intensive, in-person retreats.  

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Why Choose The Center for Your EMDR Training?

The quality of training, the experience of our faculty and the continuum of trainings set The Center apart. We offer EMDR training from Basic to multiple Advanced courses plus Master classes and retreats. All trainings are centered around a comprehensive EMDR therapy approach. That means you can take one training or map out a series to reach your goals. You can choose to focus on an EMDR specialty area such as children or addictions You can also pursue EMDR Certification or train to be an EMDRIA-approved consultant. You make the choices. You set the pace. The Center supports you every step of the way.

Meet Deany Laliotis, Master EMDR Trainer

First step—Basic EMDR Training

Our Basic EMDR Training is your first step in this transformational approach to healing. It’s where you begin to master the theory and practice of EMDR Therapy. Deany has developed first-class training materials and a highly effective online training approach. For instance, she integrates lectures with ample time for Q&A, opportunities to practice the new skills you are learning and time for discussion of your cases to ensure that you understand and can apply EMDR concepts and methods in your clinical practice. Dany shares powerful clinical video case studies of real-world challenging cases. So you will see actual therapy sessions and get an inside look at the therapist’s moment-by-moment decision-making in the session. 

The cost of our EMDR training is comparable to—or even less than—many other basic trainings. Plus it includes, at no extra cost, the ten hours of case consultation required by EMDRIA for a Certificate of Completion of the basic training. Importantly, that Certificate is also your first step towards EMDRIA certification. Read more about our Basic EMDR Training.

The Next Step—Intermediate EMDR Training

For therapists who have completed an EMDR basic training and have had some experience using EMDR with clients, our Intermediate EMDR trainings are designed to take anyone who’s completed Basic EMDR Training to the next level. Our intermediate training combines teaching, multi-session video case studies of real clients and hands-on practice of specialized techniques and methods. You will learn more advanced case conceptualization and clinical decision-making with challenging and complex cases. Read more about our Intermediate EMDR Training. 

A Deeper Dive—Advanced EMDR Trainings

Going beyond relieving symptoms to treating the whole person is our focus in EMDR therapy. Promoting clients’ personal growth, resilience and belief in a better future is the work of EMDR therapists at this advanced level. Each of  our Advanced Trainings is designed in specific ways to strengthen your ability to use of EMDR to repair attachment injuries, resolve negative life patterns and help clients meet the other challenges that come with complex trauma and co-morbid disorders such as depression and addiction. In addition, you will refine your ability to recognize and address the emotional and developmental deficits experienced by many clients who have a history of childhood trauma and neglect. Read more about our Advanced EMDR Training.

EMDR Master Training Retreats

EMDR Therapy involves working at the intersection of everything we know about trauma, attachment, somatic processes and interpersonal neurobiology. It’s about healing clients—mind, body and spirit. And it requires that therapists have the courage to step into their authentic selves and be fully present with their clients. These in-person EMDR Master Training Retreats are designed to expand your knowledge of self, capacity as a healer, and skills as an EMDR therapist. Read more about EMDR Master Training Retreats. 

A Final Word about Our EMDR Training Community

Up until now, there’s been no EMDR training center that combines all the wisdom the field offers as a comprehensive psychotherapy. There’s never been one that seamlessly integrates the therapist’s personal growth with professional development in an extensive, multi-level training and certification program. EMDR training with The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy has changed that for good—your good.

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