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Who is qualified to take basic training?
All participants must be license, or, if not licensed, have completed master’s level coursework in a mental health discipline, currently on a licensing track and supervised by a licensed clinician with the appropriate clinical supervisor’s letter on file with your application.  All participants should have a current psychotherapy caseload.  This professional training is designed to help participants integrate the application of EMDR therapy into their clinical practice.  Other EMDR training programs are available that will accept managers and researchers who do not carry an active psychotherapy caseload.

How do I register/apply for the basic training?
To register for the basic training, go to the training page and click on the training you want to register for and the “Sign up Now” button.  Once your registration process is complete, you will receive an email with an application form that you must fill out and return within seven days of your registration. Please note:  In order for for your registration for the training to be complete, we must receive your application within the timeframe and it will need to be approved.

How is the basic training structured?
The basic training is organized into three parts typically held over three weekends.  Each weekend includes a didactic portion with lecture, discussion, and videotape demonstrations of EMDR skills and concepts.  Trainees will practice EMDR methods with one another to address real issues of concern to each therapist (personal work).   There is case consultation each weekend where trainees will begin to learn and practice case conceptualization as well as discuss common technical problems that arise in preparing for and conducting EMDR memory reprocessing sessions.

How can I cancel my training and request a refund?
Tuition is refundable up to 30 days in advance, less a $150 administrative fee. The balance can be applied as a credit towards a future training. Due to the limited size of these trainings, withdrawals made within 30 days are not eligible for a refund unless the vacancy can be filled. If it can be filled, there will be a $350 administrative fee. Otherwise, your original tuition is non-refundable. Once the training begins, no refunds will be made under any circumstances. Request for a cancellation must be made in writing and dated. See our Refund and Cancellation Policy


Who is eligible to apply for Intermediate training?
Any clinician who has completed an EMDRIA-approved basic training is eligible to apply for an intermediate basic training.  It is expected that the applicant have an active therapy practice and has had experience in EMDR reprocessing with at least five clients.

Who is eligible to apply for advanced training?
To be considered for an advanced training, a clinician will have completed intermediate basic training or equivalent experience.

How can I cancel my training and request a refund?
Tuition is refundable up to 30 days in advance, less a $50 administrative fee.  No refunds will be given within 30 days of the training.  Requests for refunds must be in writing and dated. See our refund and cancellation policy.


Will I be considered “certified” once the basic training is completed and I receive my “Certificate of Completion”
No.  You will be considered “trained” in EMDR therapy after completion of the EMDRIA-APPROVED basic training.

What is the process to become EMDR certified?
Please click the link provided.